GÎTE de CHARME en plein cœur
d’une NATURE préservée
et un espace Bien-Être
WELLNESS Hammam et Sauna

Gîte Panda WWF

Discover the eco lodge of The Farm du Petit Hohnack : a eco friendly cottage. Gite Panda in France

Eco lodge in France : calm, comfort, nature ...

Gite de la ferme du Petit Hohnack en automne
In the valley of Kaysersberg in Alsace, at the far end of the little valley of “Bois le Sire”, an absolute haven of peace, among forests, pastures and heaths is waiting for you.

At an altitude of 800 m, tis authentic Vosges farm, restored with love by Elise and Maurice, seems to witness the creation of the world every morning.

Ideally located between the val of Orbey and the valley of Munster, the spacious and warm “ferme du petit Hohnack” has a magnificient view to the south and the west.

You are in the welsche country and yet the Alsatian vineyard and he famous medieval town of Kaysersberg are only 10 Km away.

The wild fauna composed of roe deers, hares, badgers, smooth snakes, squirrels, jays, red starks and others enables observations within the reach of every body.

Domestical animals such as cows, horses, donkeys and sheeps will be part of your daily visual environment.

According the season, you will discover the pleasure of tasting rustic or wild fruit as well as numerous varieties of mushrooms.

You will also find very tasty farm products close to the gîte ( dairy products, cheese, trouts, snails, smoked mountain meat, bio bred …) On your way back to the farm, you will go past Dominican Monastery (a guarantee of spirituality and peacefulness).

The nuns left Colmar and the convent of Unterlinden 35 years ago to settle here.

In order to get the designation eco lodge  “Gîte Panda from the WWF in France“ a list of the different varieties of flora has been made with the help of the Natural History Society of Colmar.

This will enable you to discover the numerous flora and even the “grassette” an insectivore plant growing in a neighbor moor.
Above, the ruins of the “Château du Petit Hohnack” a medieval castle perched on the ridge wich overlooks the valley of Munster, are the witness of a glorious past.

After hiking or mountain biking, you will be able to have a meal at one of the many “ fermes-auberges”. Lower down, the “Winstubs” of the wine yard will serve you the tasty Alsatian Wines in jugs with small traditional dishes (for example “wadala “ with raifort in Niedermorschwihr ).

Some other interesting discoveries :

- The battle field, tranches and museum of the Linge (1914-1918)
- The Albert SCHWEITZER museum in Kaysersberg and his house in Gunsbach Also in Gunsbach,
- The new cheese museum of the Munster valley opend 2011
- The wood museum in Labaroche
- The golf of Ammerschwihr Cross country skiing and snowshoes hiking in winter
- The Christmas lights and Christmas markets in the whole December Colmar and his museums ( Musée Unterlinden and the wellknown Retable d’Issenheim, Bartholdi museum …)

At the evening, after a convivial hiking tour, the wellness space of the farm will offer you lucky relaxation and serenity moments among pine needles and eucalyptol scents.