GÎTE de CHARME en plein cœur
d’une NATURE préservée
et un espace Bien-Être
WELLNESS Hammam et Sauna

Gîte Panda WWF

What is an Eco lodge Panda ?

A " Gîte Panda " is a bed and breakfast or a self-catering holiday home approved by " Gîtes de France" and the WWF.

It is located within a regional nature park or a national nature Park.
Its owners commit themselves to preserving and improving the natural environment.
They provide their guests with an educational kit of nature watching equipment:

- Binoculars
- information and maps
- a booklet with the walking and observation trails near the gîte. ( Discovery paths.)
- an identification guide of the local fauna and flora.

In the nature regional park of the "Ballons des Vosges", an association coordinates the owners' actions concerning:

- Alternative energy: wood, wood plates, small wind-mills, photovoltaic cells, solar panels for the hot water and heating.
- Ecological building and decorative material.
- Dry toilets (if possible).
- Upkeep of the greens without pesticides or reducing them.
- Selective sorting of household waste, compost, late moving to favour the diversity of flora and fauna.
- Nests, shelters for bats and small mammals.
- Use of local organic and healthy products ( organic washing powder, local suppliers network...)

The whole philosophy aims at preserving the local ecological system by respecting the environment for a stay in real harmony with nature.

Gite Panda